Optimizing Analytical Methods to Guarantee Safe, High Quality, Consistent & Efficacious
Gene Therapy Products


In the context of unprecedented gene therapy clinical progress and mounting regulatory scrutiny, the Gene Therapy Analytical Development Summit will unite large pharma and innovative biotechs to develop robust analytical tools to guarantee the consistency, quality and safety of gene therapy products.

Focused specifically on addressing the unique analytical challenges posed by gene therapy vectors, this technical scientific meeting will unite the ‘boots on the ground’ scientists grappling with these challenges first-hand.

Delving into technical analytics to assess potency, capsid integrity, empty vs full capsids and viral titers of AAV and lentiviral vectors, this is your opportunity to enhance your existing analytical methods and explore innovative novel tools to support safe and effective gene therapy development.

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“This is "the conference" to attend for professionals that are already involved or about to embark in the gene therapy space. All of the relevant experts in their field are represented and available to share their knowledge and experience. A true educational and networking event!”


“Best conference of the year for gene therapy companies to understand how our industry is tackling the challenges of pioneering the development of our advanced therapy products.”

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