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BioAnalytix works with leading biotherapeutic companies in the development and application of advanced analytics and data analysis of complex biologics, from candidate selection through regulatory package development. Applying state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, biophysical analytics, and method development expertise, our team of PhDs provides precise data packages for specific project needs. We further offer our insights and understanding of CMC and regulatory requirements to support product development from IND through BLA.

Team Members

BioAnalytix - Headshot 1 - William Rash

William Rash

Executive Director, Business Development

BioAnalytix - Headshot 3 - Jennifer Chadwick

Jennifer Chadwick

Vice President, Analytical Development

BioAnalytix - Headshot 2 - Christian Going

Christian Going

Manager, Business Development

BioAnalytix - Headshot 4 - Chen Li

Chen Li

Director, Analytical Sciences