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Download to see who is going to be in the room at the 4th Annual Gene Therapy Analytical Development Summit

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Exclusive Speaker Interview 

Join us for an exclusive interview with three of our expert workshop leaders at the 4th Annual Gene Therapy Analytical Development Summit, as they explain why their workshop discussing the different ways the characterize empty-full particles is so relevant to the gene therapy analytical space right now, and what they expect to see in the future of this ever-changing space.

AAV Durability: The Road to a One-Shot Cure

Inconsistent long-term clinical data has highlighted the need to better understand the durability of AAV gene therapy.

Hanson Wade Intelligence's Market Research division have classified 121 AAV gene therapy trials into 4 distinct groups based on the target tissue type – liver, muscle, CNS and ocular tissues. This allowed us to summarise available data on clinical durability as well as the key findings we observed across tissues, trials, doses and serotypes.

We hope that this report will provide gene therapy developers with valuable insights on the durability of the current generation of AAV gene therapies.