Partnership Opportunities

After decades of unfulfilled potential, the commercial reality of gene therapies is rapidly taking shape. However, the leading drug developer organizations in this field are telling us that developing effective analytical strategies is a major bottleneck for them and that they have little visibility into which contract service providers and technology providers have the analytical experience and specific technologies to meet their demands.

400+ Analytical and CMC leaders from the leading companies in the gene therapy field will virtually unite this winter at the 2nd Annual Gene Therapy Analytical Development, actively seeking to collaborate with organizations that can help them solve analytical challenges and capacity bottlenecks holding back progress to market.

We have a limited number of partnership opportunities available, including virtual speaking positions across our new dedicated tracks of content: bioassays, analytical chemistry, and molecular biology. From chromatography technologies to next-generation sequencing, if you provide analytical services or technologies that would benefit our niche industry audience, then this meeting will provide a unique platform to showcase your solutions, generate new business leads, and source opportunities for partnerships.

Email us at for more information about the digital partnership opportunities available which will deliver on your commercial objectives in 2020 and beyond. Act now to stay ahead of the curve and seize the wealth of opportunity on offer.