Bartlomiej Blus

Company: BioMarin Pharmaceutical

Job title: Associate Director, Group Leader


Analytical Methodologies to Support AAV Lead Candidate Selection 12:00 pm

Outlining analytical strategies to support screening of AAV candidates in early gene therapy development Highlighting the need for robust high-throughput methodologies to assess AAV quality and biophysical properties to inform process development Utilizing diverse methodologies to guide lead candidate selection for the in vitro and in vivo testingRead more

day: Conf Day One QPD AM

Panel Discussion Breaking Down Automation & Developing Assays Applicable for Platformization & Cross-Product Analysis 4:30 pm

Transitioning assays to be less product-specific Breaking down the current status and importance of lab automation of analytical methods Discussing strategies for developing platform assays for analytical technologiesRead more

day: Conference Day One

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