Pete Clarner

Company: Biogen

Job title: Scientist, Gene Therapy Accelerator Unit


Panel Discussion: qPCR vs ddPCR vs dPCR: Which is the Best Technique to Use for My Viral Titer? 2:00 pm

Contrasting qPCR, ddPCR, and dPCR precision and accuracy for which is the preferred method of titering Why is there not an exact match across PCR titer methods? Outlining the current gaps in technologies to improve including sample preparation, automation and throughout Read more

day: Conf Day One Molecular Bio PM

Showcasing an In Vivo Study to Determine Safety & Transduction Impacts of Empty Capsids in New Zealand White Rabbits 9:00 am

Outlining experimental design to assess impact of empty AAV capsids on safety and transduction following CSF delivery in rabbits Overview of study material preparation and analytical characterization Summary of key safety and transduction results with overall conclusions and discussion pointsRead more

day: Conference Day One

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