Welcome to the 3rd Annual Gene Therapy Analytical Development Summit

Virtually uniting 500+ leading CMC, Regulatory, QC, Analytical and Process Development experts, Gene Therapy Analytical Development is the industry’s definitive and only digital meeting focused on tackling the greatest analytical development challenges in the context of gene therapy drug development. 

Hear from the likes of Novartis Gene Therapies, Roche, Sangamo, Takeda, Gyroscope and more across 4 days and three tracks of in-depth online case studies, interactive panel discussions, dedicated Q+A time, and highly appraised virtual networking opportunities to meet and learn from the leaders of this pioneering field 

Join your peers online to: 

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Define, develop and manage a functional relevant set of assays to demonstrate a link to effectiveness

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Develop potency assay strategies to effectively navigate potency from early to late-stage development 

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Discover the use of novel technologies to break free from traditional analytical approaches

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Navigate the regulatory challenges to improve the design of your future analytical studies

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Review analytical techniques in a phase-dependent manner to address comparability

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Evaluate next generation sequencing technology to determine the integrity of the genome

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Assess different technologies for improved empty/full characterisation

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Navigate the challenges of working with limited volumes of material

Don’t miss the opportunity to virtually network with fellow analytical experts to overcome your analytical challenges encountered in every stage of the gene therapy development life cycle. 

This focused, niche agenda will delve into the analytical challenges encountered in every stage of the gene therapy development life cycle, offering more content than ever before: 


Exploring the latest analytical developments in developing and validating bioassays:

  • The methodology behind in vivo and in vitro potency assays
  • Analyzing potency assays
  • Strategies for overcoming common challenges


Analyzing technology advances for titre assays for gene therapy products:

  • Contrasting quantitative PCR (qPCR) and digital PCR (dPCR)
  • Determining genome and capsid titre
  • Genome sequencing approaches


Discussing the limitations and advantages of biochemical assays to analyze an attribute:

  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE)
  • Mass spectrometry (MS)
  • Analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC)